Alien movies, much like zombie movies, have been rehashed over and over again. While some are fantastic, others attempt to suck the life out of us. When I first watched the trailer for Life, I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant, but also intrigued by the story and actors. Would it be one that stood out above the others?

Life is directed by Daniel Espinosa, as well as co-written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rebecca Ferguson, Olga Dihovichnaya, and Ariyon Bakare as a group of scientists aboard the international space station. They discover a rapidly evolving life form and name him Calvin. Not long after, they learn he’s highly intelligent, as well as extremely adaptive, and things become risky- no one is safe. Will anyone survive?


I had mixed feelings about Life throughout the film. The beginning started out great and it reminded me a bit of Alien. I kept thinking about how cool would it be to discover a life-form from a different planet. The answer… not so cool if it set outs to kill you. Things quickly escalate when Calvin learns he’s the one in control and the team makes one mistake after another. Some were pretty ridiculous mistakes that left me shaking my head and throwing my hands in the air, but alas, it kept the story going.

I wish the characters story-lines had been built up more. We didn’t know much about them, which made it hard to relate or feel any connection. We knew Rory (Reynolds) had a dog and Sho (Sanada) had a baby on the way, but that’s about it. However, knowing that information about Sho did make him one of the most likable characters. I was rooting for him the whole time.

Calvin was one of the coolest alien creatures ever. He’s like a mix between a snake, a fish, and a mystical creature out of a Harry Potter book. He started out small, no bigger than your finger tip, and developed extremely fast, not only in size but in knowledge. He was packed full of personality and was overall a beautiful creation.

The middle of Life was a bit rough around the edges and I was starting to lose interest. However, the ending saved it and was by far the best thing about the film. I had hoped it would go that way, but there was no certainty that it would. I can’t really give anything away, but I will say that the ending is what makes this film worthy of a watch and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Some people hated this film while others are claiming it as the best film of the year. I stand somewhere in the middle. Although the film had its low moments, Life is still definitely worth checking out for Calvin and the ending alone. Let us know what you think!

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