Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Legion showrunner Noah Hawley made a surprising announcement that Marvel fans will welcome. “I’m developing a film for Fox and I’ll just say two words, Doctor Doom.” That’s right! An official Doctor Doom film is in development!

This isn’t the first time the supervillain has been in live-action film, of course. Portrayed by actor Julian McMahon, Doctor Doom went against the Fantastic Four in two Fantastic Four films: Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). Known as Doom and portrayed by Toby Kebbell, he appeared in the 2015 film Fantastic Four as well. Despite this, the character really hasn’t gotten his proper spotlight, especially when compared to his rich story lines and vast abilities in the comics.

Created in the early 1960’s by Stan Lee and Marvel artist Jack Kirby, Doctor Doom’s first appearance was in The Fantastic Four #5, which came out in July 1962. As a genius inventor and a sorcerer, he combines technology with his powers. He is said to be one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. There is no doubt that Doctor Doom is deserving of a standalone film. It’ll be fun to see where they take the character.

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