When people ask me what my favorite vampire film is, I don’t have to hesitate for a second like I do with other sub-genres. The Lost Boys is always my answer. Although there’s plenty of other vampire stories that I enjoy, this one holds a special place in my heart- and today marks its 30th anniversary! Take a look back at this classic 80’s film with us and reminisce about all the blood-sucking goodness that fans love. Put on your garlic t-shirts and let’s do this!

The Lost Boys was directed by Joel Schumacher and stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Barnard Hughes. The film was released in theaters on July 31, 1987, with an estimated budget of around $8 million. The vampire flick made over $32 million at the box-office and was #2 during its opening weekend. It received positive feedback from critics and fans alike, highlighting the performances of the talented young actors.

The film has also been said to have a cultural influence on the vampire genre, inspiring future movies such as Interview with the Vampire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In both, the vampires are young and beautiful, creating an even bigger desire to become a creature of the night.

The Lost Boys revolves around two brothers (Patric and Haim), who, after moving to a new town, discover it is a haven for vampires. Will any of them get out alive, or will they end up becoming vampires themselves?

For me, this film is flawless. It’s not a film with an abundance of blood and gore, however, it still keeps you entertained. It has a unique story with memorable characters, one of the best soundtracks ever, and the most epic one-liners.

Let’s start with the story. Moving to a new town is already a scary process. However, moving to a town overrun by vampires is double the trouble! It highlights the peer pressure of wanting to make friends and fit in with the cool crowd by glamorizing the vampire life; never get old and never die. The idea behind this is loosely based on the characters from Peter Pan who are referred to as “The Lost Boys.” Once in Neverland, they never grow old, just like the vampires. I also love that throughout the story, horror movies and icons including the Texas Chain saw Massacre and Nosferatu, are referenced.

I love every single character in this movie and the performances were extraordinary, especially by such young talent. The ones who stuck out the most though were David (Sutherland), Sam (Haim), the Frog Brothers (Feldman and Newlander), and Grandpa (Hughes). Sutherland is perfect at playing the bad guy, and he’s proven this time after time with his performances throughout the years. David, though, is one of his best and most iconic. The Frog Brothers and Sam deliver the comedic relief with their ridiculous one-liners and overreactions to all things vampire. And you just can’t help but love the Grandpa’s odd tendencies and his unexpected heroism at the end of the film.

Above all, one of my favorite things about The Lost Boys is the soundtrack. Music can really drive a film’s success, and I think this is completely accurate for The Lost Boys. Without this killer soundtrack, I don’t think the film would be nearly as popular. From the opening scene to the very end, you’re sucked in with its wicked tunes such as “People are Strange” by Echo & the Bunnymen (originally by The Doors), “Laying Down the Law” by INXS and Jimmy Barnes, and the films theme song “Cry Little Sister” by Gerald McMann. “Cry Little Sister” is a hauntingly beautiful song and fit the story perfectly.

the lost boys
“Death By Stereo!” This is also one of the greatest kills ever!


  • “Death by stereo!”
  • “Where the hell are you from? Krypton?”
  • “Maggots, Michael. You’re eating maggots. How do they taste?”
  • “Now you know what we are, now you know what you are. You’ll never grow old, Michael, and you’ll never die. But you must feed!”
  • “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”
  • “Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!”
  • “You’d better get yourself a garlic T-shirt, buddy, or it’s your funeral.”
  • “Holy shit! It’s the attack of Eddie Munster!”
  • “Don’t ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless.”
  • “Burn rubber does not mean warp speed!”
  • “Look at your reflection in the mirror. You’re a creature of the night, Michael, just like out of a comic book! You’re a vampire Michael! My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait ’till mom finds out, buddy!”


  • The Lost Boys was filmed in only 3 weeks
  • This was Corey Haim and Corey Feldman’s first film together! This marked the start of a popular 80’s trend “The Two Coreys,” in which they starred in many other films together.
  • This movie invented the phrase “vamp out,” which was commonly used in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • The names of the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan, are a reference to Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Characters in the movie say the name “Michael” approximately 118 times.
  • Gerard McMahon wrote the theme song “Cry Little Sister” for the movie after reading the script. He never saw a frame of the film.
  • In Max’s video store, you can see a copy of The Goonies, which also starred Corey Feldman.
  • Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland previously starred together in Stand By Me.
  • During the cave scene, you can see a poster of Jim Morrison, who recorded the original version of “People Are Strange” with The Doors. Later on, in Sam’s room, you can see a poster of Echo & The Bunnymen, who recorded the version used in the movie.

Overall, The Lost Boys is a fun vampire film that is still enjoyable to watch after 30 years. It has great characters, memorable dialogue, and a soundtrack that never gets old. So if you have the time, take a ride in the fast lane with The Lost Boys and watch this beloved classic on its anniversary!

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