HPWIS staring your favorite spuds!


Get ready to name, pilot and upgrade your own ship! In Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!, You play as sisters Cassie and Fay as they search for their lost grandfather, Jiji, throughout different universes. The Eclipse, a fleet of ships piloted by Jiji’s ex-friend Astral Premier Hal, is on your spud. You have ‘x’ amount of days (sols) until they catch up to you, as a result, each jump to a different solar system makes exploration limited. The ship starts off at Hubs where you can buy blueprints and resources to upgrade weapons, upgrade your ship and find wondering “edibles” (this is the term for people) to hire as your crew!

Planets to travel to in your Solar System

Each Solar system you arrive to will have several planets you can travel to and explore. While exploring you will encounter random scenarios such as “It looks as if there is a lost wallet.” with options on what you’d like to do, “return it to the police” or “finders keepers!”. Your choices can give you items, money (known as $tarch) or do damage to your ship. Along with encountering random scenarios, you will also run into space thugs that want to randomly attack your precious ship.


This is where the turned-based RPG style of gaming in Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! comes into play. You have your specials moves (which varies on which pilot you have as your captain) and your weapons which require a charge to attack. Each weapon has different abilities and charges so it gets into a strategic style of game play. You win your battles by destroying the Hull or taking out each weapon (they surrender and offer you $tarch if you let them go, which is optional), or course in boss battles you need to destroy the Hull to win.

Space Battle!


Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! lets you customize the pilot who is in charge of the battles. With each pilot come with different a style of skills, or abilities, that you can use on the space battlefield. You can choose either Fay or Cassie… There is a third, hidden pilot, that you can choose but I’m not giving away any spoilers right meow!

Fay was the pilot I used the whole game

No ship is going to be worth a spud without crew members. Needing to staff your space schooner with valuable members, you can hire them at Hubs or encounter a few while exploring planets. Every edible you can hire will bring something to the table in a special way. One can be a combat specialist that brings more fire power to the fights, a support that heals after each time they attack or a crafter that can give better upgrades when researching blueprints. You are the captain and you decide what is needed in your adventure.

Hiring crew members to your ship

Your ship is your home so you need to treat it as such. Upgrading various parts takes place at Hubs. Better shields, hull health, training facilities for your crew to learn/upgrade their skills, crafting station, infirmary, ect.

Interior of your Ship


The back and forth animations between your specials, weapons attacks and weather changing is clear and polished. The 2-D vector-style artwork is colorful and beautiful.

The sound track to Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!, by artist Jeffrey “Pumodi” Brice, is beautiful. The classical orchestra style notes mixed with a pirate tone is fantastic! My favorite is “The Hub” theme, it’s calming, beautiful and has a Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) style to it. Although the sound track is tranquil, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pick up during the action.

The End


The pop culture references, puns, game play and soundtrack is enough to inspire you to follow Cassie and Fay to the ends of the universe… or credits.

New paint, ship styles, decals, ect., would have been a nice touch without having to shell out more $tarch on DLC. The main story was a bit dry and unoriginal, yet where the main story fell flat, the side quests and new characters you help along the way definitely picked up and carried.

You can check out the Steam page for Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! here.

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