Since its release in May, Friday the 13th: The Game players have voiced concerns and frustrations over friendly fire incidents while in public matches. The ability to kill your fellow counselors was meant to bring more tension and chaos to the game, never knowing who you can and cannot trust. Unfortunately, this has been abused by players across both consoles and PC.

Videos of counselors gunning each other down, working with Jason, getting whacked by machetes and so forth have become the norm. Some of the issues were already addressed when Gun Media updated their ban policy, which included banning those who deliberately help Jason. Gun says they will now remove “the Jason player and those…deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP.” They went on to say that it would “require full footage of players deliberately working with Jason throughout a match as a means to track down and allow Jason to kill other counselors for the sake of an ‘easy game,’ on part of Jason, or through various means of continued ‘ganging up’ on other counselor players throughout a match, hand-in-hand with Jason.”  

Gun Media is looking to relieve even more of these issues by making some serious changes regarding team killing in Friday the 13th: The Game. They made the following announcement on their reddit:

“So the biggest thing we’ve heard from our community with the game are issues pertaining to rampant team-killing that has unfortunately been abused by players on all platforms. While the mechanic’s intent is designed to promote life-or-death experiences into each and every game you play, the reality has turned into more of a Battle Royale scenario to a point our team feels a change needs to be made.

In the next patch; Public Games will no longer allow counselor team killing through weapons use against other counselor players. The shotgun, machete, and other assorted weapons will no longer have any effect on friendly players. However; there remain a couple dangers. The biggest one is that the car will remain as-is. A car can and will be able to run you over and kill you. We decided on this as the alternative was abused during our beta where users would simply stand in front of the car, effectively blocking it from moving. The next consideration is that counselor-placed bear-traps will still cause damage to other counselors that walk over them, however a resulting death will no longer incur an XP Penalty. To that we say; pay attention to placed traps.

Our team believes that the ability to hurt other counselors is something that this game should have as it adds tension and requires players to make tough calls. However, we do not believe this should be a mechanic that is abused by players to the point where the vast majority of our current communications from fans are complaints of rampant/unwarranted team-killing/griefing/trolling. We will include this mechanic in private matches for now, with the hope of better options in the future.

*Public Matches – Team Killing is No Longer Possible
*Public Matches – Cars Can Still Kill
*Public Matches – Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill – no XP penalty Loss to Trap Placer
*Private Matches – Team Killing Still Possible
*Can’t Have Nice Things

Of course, the changes come with their own pros and cons. The obvious pro is not having to worry about getting team killed for the sake of someone trolling. The obvious con is that those trolls are now unkillable. But, let’s face it, if someone is out to ruin the game for others, there will always be a way.

The next patch will put the changes into effect. A date for the release has not yet been given. As always, be sure to let us know what you think in comments below or on social media!


  1. LMFAO.. WHY THE FUCK would this have ever been added to the game in the first place. Do they even play games? DUHHH I could of told you that was gonna happen before it ever did. Idiots.

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