Over the last several years, we have advanced quite a bit in biomechanical technology. The use of prosthetic limbs has become a much more successful process. Prosthetics are used mostly for legs and arms, but product designer and researcher Kaylene Kau had another idea – a prosthetic tentacle.

          Photos: Kaylene Kau

According to Kaylene’s site, she stated:

“A project was done during my BA, we were tasked to push the boundaries of upper-limb prosthetic design and to reach a concept that will have the potential to assist in design function. We worked with a transradial amputee who shared her experiences and gave us valuable information about the realm of prosthetics. We also talked to professionals who work closely with amputees. We found that when you have a functioning hand paired with a prosthetic the prosthetic is primarily an assistant to the dominant hand. The hand handles the detailed work while the prosthetic holds, grips or secures. This led to the concept of a curling prosthetic.”

In the video above, she describes how the model works differently than it would if connected to the body. She also talks about the reactions she’s had to the tentacle so far. Some think it’s amazing, while others think it’s creepy.

One thing we know for sure is that Cthulhu approves! Let us know what you think!

prosthetic tentacle

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