The Eyrie is a graphic novel from writer Thom Burgess, and his second published horror story. The first was the critically acclaimed horror comic Malevolents – Click Click. The immensely talented artist Barney Bodoano joined Burgess on The Eyrie and, together, they created something quite amazing.

The Eyrie tells the story of Rebecca, an American photojournalist who takes a job that sends her to Sussex, England. As she takes photographs of the sleepy British coastal town, sparsely populated with farmers and fishermen, she soon learns that there is something far more sinister going on around her.

Burgess sets the chilling tone with simplistic, yet beautifully dark artwork. It makes your imagination go into overdrive as you wonder what is lurking in the dark. It sets a heavy atmosphere, with the “hush hush” dialogue of the townsfolk adding to it quite a bit. Even though it is a shorter story, the writing and art together do well at ratcheting up the mystery, tension, and suspense.

The Eyrie

If you’re in the mood for a supernatural horror story that will truly terrify, then do yourself a favor and pre-order The Eyrie. The conclusion will leave you wanting more, guaranteed. Speaking of wanting more, I sincerely hope Burgess and Bodoano come together on another project in the near future. Their styles complimented each other perfectly and left me with a tale that will be hard to forget.

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