IT hits theaters September 8th, and with incredibly positive first reactions, we couldn’t be more stoked for Andy Muschietti‘s big-screen adaptation of Stephen King‘s famous novel. Warner Bros. has been dropping featurettes on YouTube leading up to the release of the IT movie, and eager fans will want to see the one released today.

The featurette, titled Face Your Fears, showcases glimpses of footage and dialogue that cannot be seen in trailers, as well as Muschietti, the kids, and King himself discussing the film. Of the film, and in particular the bond between the Losers’ Club, Andy Muschietti states that it’s “very emotional,” going on to say that the film itself is “very terrifying.” Closing out the video with his own thoughts on the film, Stephen King remarks that he had hopes, but “was not prepared for how good it really was.”

IT floats into theaters in little more than a week. Get your fix by watching the featurette below!

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