Andy Muschietti‘s IT hits theaters Friday (Thursday night in most places), and it’s receiving rave reviews from critics fortunate enough to screen the film early. My luck isn’t nearly great enough for that kind of gift, however, there’s a new video of Bill Skarsgård talking about his role as Pennywise that will hold myself, and other fans, over until we flock to our local cinemas for tomorrow night’s premiere.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Skarsgård discussed growing up with a family of actors, how hectic his life has been since becoming an actor himself, and, most importantly, his creepy clown character. When asked if the kids in the film were actually scared of him while he was in character, Skarsgård dove into a story that will undoubtedly slap a smile on the face of anyone who’s a fan of the Losers’ Club. Check it out in the video below.

IT floats into theaters September 8th. Stay tuned to HorrorGeekLife for more news on the film, as well as other Stephen King adaptations!

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