I grew up hearing that breaking a mirror equals seven years of bad luck. If memory serves me correctly, I’ve broken three in my lifetime- equal to 21 years of bad luck, which sounds about right if I’m being honest. That bad luck, however, does not match up to the night of pure terror on display in the short film WHERE IS IT.

Written and directed by Zak White and Todd Spence, WHERE IS IT follows Em, a young woman who returns home and begins a video chat with her friend, Sara, who’d been watching over her house. During their talk, Sara reveals that an old mirror broke while Em was away- something that Em is fine with since the mirror had come with the house. When the words “WHERE IS IT” suddenly appear on the wall in place of the mirror, though, Em is cast into a nightmarish scenario that she might not make it out of.


Clocking in at 3 1/2 minutes in length, White and Spence build a sufficient amount of tension in just a short amount of time. From the moment the words appear on the wall, viewers will be wholly invested in the mystery and unbearable suspense. As Em, Whitney Gries carries that suspense on her shoulders and admirably maneuvers through the familiar beats one would expect from a film such as this. Fortunately, that familiarity is upended by a surprising, frightening finale.

My lone gripe with the short film is minuscule in comparison to what the filmmakers get right. Initially, the real-time reactions of Sara in the video chat prove to be momentarily distracting until the viewer adjusts to the format. I recommend seeing the short twice, as this complaint fades a bit the second time around.

All in all, WHERE IS IT is three minutes of tension-filled fun that is well worth checking out. In fact, it’s available for free on YouTube, so you can do so below!

WHERE IS IT (2017)
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