Whenever I receive a package that I wasn’t expecting, my first initial thought always goes to Brad Pitt’s scene at the end of Seven. “What’s in the box?” Luckily for me, nothing I’ve ever received has been alarming or harmful. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the main character in the unique horror story, Mannequin.


Mannequin is a 2017 horror short directed, written, and edited by a two-person crew: Dante Aubain and Danny Summonte. Not only did they do all of this by themselves, but they starred in the film as well with Danny as the lead actor. The story revolves around a mysterious box that arrives on his doorstep claiming to be from one of his relatives. When he opens it up, he discovers a mannequin head along with a letter. After a disturbing phone call, it doesn’t take long before he regrets ever bringing the package into his home.

I appreciate the fact that Aubain and Summonte made this project together: it seems that they put themselves in every aspect of the film. Together they delivered an intense, hair-raising horror story that delivers on all points. The story was brilliant. Mannequins are terrifying as is, but if I were to find a mannequin head in a mysterious box, whether it was from a relative or not, I would burn it. No good can come from that. Just saying.

The suspense and mystery will keep you entertained and guessing throughout the 10-minute runtime, only to leave viewers with a great ending. It was satisfying, even though some questions were left unanswered and the mannequin. What is its origin? I need an origin story now!

Overall, Mannequin had an entertaining and unique story. I highly recommend it, especially if you love a good mystery with a talented crew that knows how to deliver a spooky tale.

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