October 27th is quickly approaching, and with it comes the addictive nostalgia and enchantment of Stranger Things season two. Rather than waiting 23 days for a return to the Upside Down, however, you can download the mobile game based on the seriesĀ for freeĀ right now.

With a classic SNES aesthetic, the game kicks off with you exploring Hawkins Lab as Chief Hopper while you search for the missing boys. The game presents players with a loose interpretation of the story we’ve all come to love, with the characters and locations remaining mostly the same, and certain events playing out differently.

The player moves around and interacts with things by simply tapping the screen. There’s plenty of combat, as you’ll be punching your way through guards and wildlife, and also puzzle solving. As the game progresses, you’ll unlock more characters, each of whom possesses specific abilities that you’ll need to utilize at certain times.

As mentioned, Stranger Things: The Game is entirely free on both iOS and Android. Though it isn’t groundbreaking, it’s certainly above average for tie-in games, and fans of the series will find it to be a perfect time waster.

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