At this year’s New York Comic Con, Dead by Daylight had some awesome merchandise on display for fans. This includes limited edition Bloodletting high top sneakers that are, simply put, badass. The shoes are $99.95 USD and exclusive to Fan Kicks, available while supplies last. With only 3,000 pairs produced, definitely don’t hesitate if you would like a pair of your own.

You can view the order page for the sneakers here.

In addition to the shoes, an official Trapper mask was unveiled. The Trapper is one of Dead by Daylight’s eight killers who, as his name suggests, uses carefully placed traps to catch his victims. While a time frame wasn’t revealed, it will be available on the official Dead by Daylight online store soon.

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It also features DLC for John Carpenter’s Halloween and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which lets players take on the roles of Michael Myers and Leatherface. With the Halloween DLC, players can also play as Laurie Strode and explore the town of Haddonfield.

For more information and videos, visit the game’s official website. You can check out our game review here.

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