After meeting an especially brutal fate in the first episode of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, Steven Yeun has begun to carve quite the niche in his post-Glenn career. The actor appeared in the incredible Netflix film, Okja, which we loved (despite it making us cry), and now he’s back again in Mayhem, an action horror comedy from director Joe Lynch.

In the film, Yeun plays Derek Cho, who is framed by a co-worker and fired on the same day as an airborne virus breaks out at his place of employment. When the building is placed under quarantine, Cho must not only fight for his job, but his life as well.

Mayhem, which was met with critical acclaim at its South by Southwest premiere earlier this year, stars Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, and Dallas Roberts in addition to Yeun. The film is being released in US theaters and on VOD starting November 10th. Check out the bloody first trailer below!

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