In life, there are small moments that seldom receive the notice and celebration in which they deserve. The same rings true for film, television, and every other form of storytelling. As someone who tends to connect with the passing moments that may seem hollow to most, there’s a specific scene in a groundbreaking film that I must discuss:

That time Jason Voorhees kicked a goddamn stereo just to be an asshole in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

jason voorhees

Friday the 13th is a franchise that’s known for its campiness, and with that comes moments such as the villain being electrified by lightning and brought back to life, or beating a sleeping bag-wrapped victim to death against a tree, and even terrorizing people in outer space. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan features plenty of these moments within itself, including the hilarious moment in which Jason Voorhees pops out of the water and starts climbing the rope to the boat, as well as the fight scene that culminates in Jason punching the head off a goddamn body.

None of these instances, though, compare to the side-splitting moment in which Jason Voorhees reaches peak “dick” mode. The villain has taken out more victims than any slasher in horror history (no, seriously), but it’s something as simple as kicking over a boombox that really proves how much of an asshole he is.

Allow me to paint the scene.

jason voorhees

A group of Manhattan thugs are sitting beside the street, decked out in hip clothes and listening to a hip-hop song that seems to have been written about the streets they’re runnin’. Jason, who is in pursuit of the characters who escaped the boat, briskly walks by the young thugs, giving their stereo the boot for no apparent reason other than just to be a dick. Predictably, the kids don’t take kindly to this, and they prepare their chains, knives, and badass demeanor while the bandana-wearing leader informs Jason that he’s “dead meat.”

Rather than killing these fools, though, he simply faces them and lifts his mask so they can see his gnarly (and incredibly gross) face. The thugs retreat in terror, and in a 30-second span, Jason Voorhees gains more street cred than in any of the villain’s eleven other films combined. On this Friday the 13th, let us not forget to celebrate this unsung moment of Jason’s villainy. Check out the full clip below!


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