Cuphead has been available for a few weeks now, this means we have all had plenty of time to have have our asses kicked by the many weird bosses through out this fantastic indie title. With that being said, let’s have a look at the top 5 most unique bosses in Cuphead!


Hilda Berg takes the form of a giant red unicycle-riding blimp….told you these bosses would be weird! She sticks to the right hand side of the screen while firing projectiles and laughing out physical “HA’s” that can hurt you. Dodging these while watching out for her mini projectile blimps is tricky, but at a point she morphs into one of three physical forms of star constellations.

After battling these and dodging their various attack patterns she becomes her final form, a freakin’ mechanical moon! Attacks such as flying stars and UFO laser beams are part and parcel of Hilda Berg’s final form. Despite being challenging, Hilda Berg is still incredibly fun to battle.


Don’t mess with these two angry amphibians! Spitting out flaming insects and boxing glove projectiles, these aren’t too hard to deal with, but it’s when they progress on to their second stage that the fight picks up. With a Ribby to the left of you and Croaks on the right, Ribby throws out ball like projectiles that move diagonally across the screen while Croaks turns his body in to a fan and tries to blow you into them.

Deal them enough damage and Croaks will swallow up Ribby turning them both in to a slot machine for the final stage of this fight. Parry off of the crank while trying to dodge coins being flung at you and you will initiate one of three attacks from them. Keep shooting at them and you will emerge victorious from this scuffle.


When you think about genies, you probably think of the big blue fellow, voiced by the late, great Robin Williams, right? Instead we get this guy, who in his first form likes to use his magic chest to throw out everything from swords to cat sarcophagi. Hurt him enough and you will be treated to a quick side scrolling section where after that you face off against Djimmi again. Taking the form of a giant open sarcophagus, you need to watch out for the ghosts flying at you as well as a pair of eyes he keeps throwing your way.

After hurting him enough, he will come back as a wooden puppet who shoots projectiles out of his finger. Looking like an evil family member of Pinocchio, his attacks are fairly easy to dodge and it won’t be long before you are on to the final stage of the fight. This is where he takes on his original image, just a thousand times bigger! Watch out for the beams from the floating pyramids and the ring like projectiles from the jewel in his turban while shooting him, and you soon you will be on your way to victory! Hooray!


Looking like a long-lost relative of Blackbeard, Captain Brineybeard isn’t a push over either! Starting off with only one attack, shooting projectiles out of an octopus that are easy to dodge, just make sure you look out for the angry looking barrel above you as it tries to smash you on the head! After a while though he will then start to enlist the help of one of three aquatic antagonists, these range from a shark that tries to bite you, to a squid that turns your screen to black if you get hit by its ink and finally four dog fish that slide on to the pier from the right.

While dealing with all these, after a while his ship itself will liven up and try to shoot cannonballs at you! Deal him enough damage and the ship will throw Captain Brineybeard off in to the horizon, where the fight will now take place against the ship instead, this part isn’t too hard as it only has two attacks that are fairly easy to dodge, just make sure you are keeping an eye on that pesky barrel above you! Deal the ship enough damage and you will send it to a watery grave!


Now hold up! Before you go and grab you pitchforks and torches as you probably thought that the final boss, The Devil, was going to be our number one spot, let us have a chance to defend ourselves! The fight is absolutely crazy as it serves as many mini boss fights in its self. Set out as a board game, parry off of the die to roll between a one and a three, this represents how many moves you can make.


Each tile that you can land on represents one of 9 bosses that you might be unlucky enough to face off against, these range from a giant cigar who spits fire projectiles at you, an 8-ball who shoots projectiles from its mouth and a white rabbit who sits in a magician’s hat. Work your way to the end of the board and pray to the gods above that you don’t land on the start over tile to eventually fight king Dice himself. The fight isn’t too hard as he only has one attack which involves parrying, so if you have mastered this skill it won’t take too long before you beat him and move on to the final boss!

That wraps up our list for the top 5 most unique bosses in Cuphead! Be sure to let us know your favorite, or even least favorite, bosses from the game!

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