October 20th, 1967 is a date that will forever live in infamy. Off the top of your head it may not ring any bells, but it’s a date etched in the annals of history, and one that Horror Geek Life is proud to remind you of. If you’re still scratching your heads – and the title of this news piece hasn’t already given it away – then wonder no more. October 20th, 1967 was the date that the world famous Roger Patterson ‘Bigfoot’ video first made its way into the public consciousness.

It was a day like any other, in the wilderness just outside Willow Creek, California where two young ne’er-do-well’s allegedly captured the first ‘genuine’ video footage of the legendary Bigfoot on camera. Grainy though it was, the footage is reputed to capture a seven foot tall ape-like creature walking along a river bank. The creature, which was said to be female due to its prominent breasts and as such named ‘Patty’, would realise that she was being filmed, looking in the direction of the camera, before disappearing into the brush.

Renowned Cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson called the footage “The first tangible evidence that this ‘Bigfoot’ or Sasquatch really exists”, and hailed it as undisputed evidence that the “Abominal Snowman of America” truly existed. Others on the other hand, have dismissed it all along, claiming that what we saw on film was actually a human being dressed in an elaborate outfit with the grainy camera effect utilized to obscure any inconsistencies with the attire.

No matter how you slice it, half a century later, the official verdict remains fifty fifty. Whether this was a genuine encounter with the famed Bigfoot, or an elaborate hoax has still never been confirmed, and it’s likely we will never truly know. And maybe that’s the way it should stay, one of life’s great mysteries?.

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