Simon Pegg has hinted that a treatment for a sequel to hit Rom-Zom-Com Shaun of the Dead does in fact exist, and it’s called From Dusk Till Shaun, according to reports coming out of Entertainment Weekly.

Back in 2004, Pegg teamed up with his former Spaced cohorts Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Peter Serafinowicz to create the most perfect zombie parody of all time, the beautifully British Shaun of the Dead. Pegg starred as the eponymous hero, whose mundane life of getting up, going to work, and going to the pub was brought crashing down around him following an outbreak of Zombies (“Don’t call them that”) in the outskirts of London.

After receiving largely rave reviews, and kicking off the now world famous ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ – which also included Hot Fuzz and At World’s End – Shaun and his cohorts disappeared back into obscurity, coming to terms with the post Zombie apocalypse world around them. But what if that wasn’t the end? What if Shaun was forced back into action, trusty cricket bat in hand? Well, that’s the question fans are asking themselves after a recent interview with Pegg revealed he’d got the treatment for the Shaun of the Dead sequel in a notebook at home.

Instead of Zombies though, Pegg teased the world would now be overrun with Vampires and and would be titled From Dusk Till Shaun, named after the mega cool Quentin Tarantino Vamp flick from 1996.

Pegg, who has gone from strength to strength as an actor since the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ concluded, did go on to say that the treatment stemmed entirely from pub talk, hinting that the likelihood of ever making From Dusk Till Shaun was slim to none.

Whether we ever get a sequel or not, there’s no discounting how bloody marvelous Shaun of the Dead was/is, and there’s certainly plenty of us willing to part with our hard earned money should it ever become a reality. But for now, until the team work it all out, we’ll just head over to the Winchester until this all blows over.

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