Our furry, goggle eyed chums over at Sesame Street are back again, with another of their excellent parodies. This time around though, the marvelous Muppet crew have set their sights on Stranger Things, which launched its second season on Netflix.

Only last week we brought you the latest Sesame Street foray into the horror geek genre, with its on the nose send up of The Walking Dead, except instead of Zombies they gave us ‘Crumbies’, and renamed the show The Gingerbread Dead. That time, Cookie Monster donned his very best Sheriff’s outfit, portraying Rick Grimes as he battled a wave of dancing Gingerbread people.

This time though, we are greeted by Oscar the Grouch, who warns us – in the way only he can – that there will be spoilers ahead, before cutting to footage from The Muppet Workshop’s star studded rendition of Sharing Things.

Unlike previous parodies, Sharing Things actually acknowledges real characters from the hit TV series, and recreates some of the scenes from the trailers, including Grover in full Ghostbusters gear, and the world’s first Sesame Street Shadow Monster.

Unfortunately, we wont get to see any more of the short until it makes its official debut on Thanksgiving. But if this teaser is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat once the post Stranger Things season 2 lull starts to set in.

Check it out below:

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