John Carpenter never wanted Michael Myers to return.

After telling the story of Michael’s return to Haddonfield in 1978’s Halloween, the iconic filmmaker pushed for the franchise to be an anthology series- an idea that eventually brought forth Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The audience gets what the audience wants, however, especially when the studio is in agreement with them. In the case of this famous horror series, it was evident that fans wanted only one thing: Michael Myers.

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While speaking with CBS News about his career, Carpenter reflected on the project, which turns 40 next year.

“I was just this kid with long hair trying to make a movie with a bunch of cute actresses, that’s all,” the filmmaker said, going on to admit that he was “Lucky.”

“It was fun,” said Carpenter. “God, it was fun.”

Halloween became one of the most financially successful independent films ever made, and the sequels, regardless if John Carpenter wanted them to exist or not, have been staples of the slasher subgenre for many years.

So many years, in fact, that we were shocked to learn that the new film would be ignoring ever single one of them.

Still, we have faith.

john carpenter halloween

With Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode in what will be a direct sequel to the original film, we’re choosing to assume that the sequel, which will be set 40 years later, will serve as an epic finale for both Strode and Michael Myers.

CBS News reports that John Carpenter “insists” that next year’s Halloween will be the LAST sequel we ever see.

Death is returning to our little town for one final outing. One final showdown.

And after 40 years of terror, when asked if Michael Myers was truly horror’s ultimate boogeyman, we’ll say:

As a matter of fact…

He was.

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