Global publisher gamigo AG has announced that the closed beta for the free-to-play multiplayer online Windows PC game Ironsight begins November 14th. For the first time, Western gamers can enter the war zone of South Korean developer Wiple Games’ next-gen first-person-shooter, ahead of its launch in early 2018.

Ironsight is set in a dystopian 2025, where warring factions- the North American Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN)- are engaged in futuristic warfare in a bitter struggle for power and ownership of the last remaining natural resources on earth.

Utilizing Wiple Games’ in-house toolset, the Iron Engine, Ironsight offers lifelike action in which teamwork and tactics are the key to victory. Attack drones and controllable mechs also play a pivotal role in battles and can help turn the tides. Players can utilize these mechanized war machines to issue direct firepower or provide strategic information on the battlefield, reinforcing tactical team play.

Key Features:
– Multiplayer Action: Pick a side (team NAF or team EDEN) and fight for Earth’s last remaining resources.
– Discover the Iron Engine™: Enjoy a modern game with high-end visuals and complete compatibility across PC systems.
– Over 14 Unique Battlefields: Discover varied environments with destructible and interactive elements as well as dynamic weather effects.
– Over 100 Different Weapons: Unlock weapons of all kinds (such as Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMGs and many more)
– Unlock Weapon and Character Skins: Customize your character to your playstyle and personal aesthetic.
– Drones: Operate drones to drop Napalm and EMP explosives and use various other tactical gadgets to pierce through the enemy’s defenses or protect your position.
– Teamwork is Key: Join a clan and play competitive or co-op matches with your friends to claim the top spot on the Ironsight leaderboards.

Ironsight Founder’s Pack pre-orders are available starting today, granting access to the closed beta from day one. Three available packs- the Soldier’s Pack, Sergeant’s Pack and General’s Pack- additionally reward players with exclusive skins, XP boosters, cosmetics, characters, emotes and weapons. Founder’s Packs start at $19.99 USD and can be pre-ordered HERE.

CLICK HERE more information about Ironsight and its upcoming closed beta in November. Also like the game’s official Facebook page or follow @IronSightEN on Twitter.

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