Hallows Fell is a haunting tale about the worst day of one man’s life. The story begins with Simon having some drinks with his pals and discussing his upcoming nuptials, prior to attending a party that his fiancee is throwing. As Simon makes his way out of town, and towards the party, he encounters a seemingly endless streak of problems, the worst of which is a foul spirit that won’t leave him alone, and believes him to be her betrothed. Simon does all he can to reach the party, but what he finds near the end of his journey is completely unexpected and will stick with anyone who reads this story.

Hallows Fell – Written by: Thom Burgess / Art by: Izzy Stanic

This is Thom Burgess‘ third foray into supernatural horror, and while I haven’t read his first two stories, I feel like I need to now. With Hallows Fell, Burgess has written a ghost story that draws a lot of inspiration from several classic folk stories, but also feels original and unique. His story is greatly enhanced by Izzy Stanic’s artwork, which creates a tension that grows stronger as the story moves along. All of the artwork is done in black and white, but I feel like the book really benefits from that decision. Color would definitely reduce the impact of some of the scenes.

Overall, Hallows Fell is a dark, but fun, journey, and a unique modern folk story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Hallows Fell
Hallows Fell – Written by: Thom Burgess / Art by: Izzy Stanic


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Hallows Fell

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