Andy Fowler’s UFO thriller, Aliens: Zone of Silence centers on a young woman’s search through the Mexican desert to find out what happened to her missing brother, Hal (Peter Gesswein) and his friend, Alex (Jed Maheu). The two men were filming their Alien Hunters YouTube show when they disappeared in La Zona del Silencio; a remote area where the U.S. military conducted missile experiments in 1970. After one of the missiles crashed in the desert, strange occurrences like plant mutations, blocked radio transmissions and extraterrestrial activity have been reported. Similar to the Bermuda Triangle, most of the events are unexplained. Throughout her trek, Morgan has a video communications tether to Goose (Vince Tula), who monitors her actions from his home for a documentary.

The plot is smart and adept at addressing obvious questions viewers may have like ‘Why the hell is Morgan out there alone?’ The lack of a serious police investigation is also presented sensibly.

The actors’ portrayals are believable with Gesswein and Maheu coming across as amateur alien hunters performing an over-the top shtick for the camera. Sarah Hester delivers a very strong, emotional performance as a caring sibling on a desperate mission to find her brother.

aliens: zone of silence

The film avoids two major pitfalls in found-footage movies. First, it provides an explanation for the rolling camera. Characters have the presence of mind to turn it off on occasion and they are typically addressing the camera when it is on. Stationary cameras are also used in a number of scenes that minimize the all-too-common shaky angles that have been known to make viewers physically sick. This technique blends well with the hand held footage.

Director Andy Fowler’s visual effects background is evident. The expansive, open setting of the dessert scenery is beautiful and there are some impressive effects that will not be spoiled, here.

Aliens: Zone of Silence is not for everyone. The pacing is realistic but very slow. Some of the intensity late in the film is ruined by constant signal interruptions in the video feed. This is not surprising based on the history of La Zona del Silencio, so it should build mystery and suspense but instead results in a frustrating viewing experience.

Fowler’s directorial debut has some good moments but it takes a while to get there. It is a slow-burn, intelligent story that will satisfy most fans of the alien/UFO genre but may disappoint those looking for more of a thrill ride.

Aliens: Zone of Silence (2017)
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  1. Almost nothing happens in the entire film. Gobbles up radio signals, but live streaming video is no problem…. A waste of time.

  2. You’re being entirely too charitable with this film. It’s a searingly dull go-pro commercial, for which they could hardly have picked a less sensible premise. The film utterly fails at making you empathize with any of the characters involved because their behaviors run the gamut from insipid and asinine to insane. Her ‘reason’ for being out there alone is pure hand-wavium, and her original plan was terrible. No a rational human relies on a random stranger to guide them alone into the trackless wastes unless they’re looking to fill an unmarked grave. ‘Intelligent’ is the last descriptor that should be applied to this tripe.

    So you’re looking for lost persons in a desert that’s a potentially deadly electromagnetic dead zone. What should you take? Some trail marking tape? Some shade gear? A dirt bike? Water?

    Hell no! Strap on a forty pound metal roll cage of redundant go pro gear centered entirely on yourself! Hey, let’s set up motion tracking camera gear and then stumble about in the desert at night because spooky noises! I’M SO SCARED RIGHT NOW, LOL. Instead of a film about a person terrified for her family’s well being we get something more akin to a child running through a haunted house, squealing in exaggerated horror at all the spooky icky things because that’s how you enjoy a haunted house, right?

    I’m going to dig through your reviews now because if this gets three stars then I simply must know what it takes to make a one star horror film.

  3. she gets abducted by God or Jesus…..seriously I wasn’t expecting that but the do show angels in one of the videos goose its watching.

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