The Savage World of Flash Gordon is a roleplaying game and supplements currently being Kickstarted by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of Savage Worlds and Deadlands. Pinnacle has recently announced that Sam J. Jones, star of the 1980 Dino De Laurentiis Flash Gordon film, will be writing an exclusive foreword for the core book.

“When author Scott Woodard approached Sam about doing a foreword, I was ecstatic that he embraced his part in the legacy of Flash,” said Pinnacle President Shane Hensley. “Once we announced the project, we heard from dozens of fans who have interacted with actor Sam J. Jones over the years at conventions and shows. Without exception, everyone talked about how great he treated his many fans and appreciated his involvement with Alex Raymond’s fantastic world.”

The Savage World of Flash Gordon RPG draws on the original Alex Raymond strips, the Buster Crabbe serials, and the 1980 Dino De Laurentiis film for inspiration. It was written by Scott Woodard and uses the Savage Worlds game system.

The Kickstarter for The Savage World of Flash Gordon funded within the first hour and has busted through several stretch goals, adding miniatures, maps, and cards. The top tier reward levels include:

– Collector’s Box Set
Flash Gordon RPG in Limited Edition hardcover
– Supplement book The Kingdoms of Mongo, also in Limited Edition hardcover
– Game Master Screen and Adventure Journey to the Center of Mongo
– Two double sided combat maps which are wet/dry/permanent marker–erasable
– Two decks of playing cards
– Bennies (including five Conviction chips)
– Cliffhanger token to invoke a new setting rule

There’s also a Princess/Prince of Mongo reward level to get the Box Set, a rare Sunday Newsprint strip from 1935, and an opportunity to join the PEG crew for dinner and play in a game at Gen Con 2018, hosted by author Scott Woodard. In addition, a new reward level for metal miniatures was just added to the campaign. Backers can add-on sets of miniatures including Flash, Dale, Dr. Hans Zarkov, Emperor Ming, Princess Aura, Prince Barin, Prince Vultan, Prince Thun, and three Imperial Soldier poses.

The Kickstarter ends on Monday, December 4th at 10pm Eastern. Check it out HERE!


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