Christmas time is here again, and so is Stranger Things. With season 2 blowing us away this Halloween, and who knows how long until the 3rd season lands, we are left with an upside down sized shape in our hearts. But fear not, because with the season of Saint Nick fast approaching, we are reminded of the glory that wasMerry Christmas, Will Byers’.

Premiering last year, ‘Merry Christmas, Will Byers’ is the Peanuts and Stranger Things mashup we never knew we wanted, but absolutely deserved. Created by filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez, the 3 minute plus animation sees the cast of Netflix most awesome show reimagined as characters from the Peanuts comic strips and movies, with Upside Down survivor Will Byers adopting the typical morose mannerisms of Charlie Brown, as he contemplates life after battling the Demogorgon.

To date, the one off short has had almost 2 million views, and this isn’t just because it’s a Stranger Things parody. Nope, people all over the world went crazy for the viral video because of how stylistically close it is to the old Peanuts movies, especially when coupled with the original Vince Guaraldi score from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Heck, there’s even a cameo from the Demogorgon itself as none other than Snoopy, complete with the trademark Bill Melendez voice.

So this Christmas, we encourage you to revisit Hawkins, Indiana as ‘It’s Christmas, Will Byers’ celebrates its 1st anniversary. You can check out the official video below:

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