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Horror and the occult have always gone together. From sludgy guitars to songs about deals with the Devil, other worlds, witches, and goblins, occult rock is every horror fan’s dream music. Compiled below is my personal top 10 list of modern occult themed bands you should be listening to. I imagine when the Devil is commuting to Hell, this is his playlist. So crank the speakers up, turn down the lights and get ready to scare all the pop fans in your life.

10Psychedelic Witchcraft

Hailing from Florence, Italy, Psychedelic Witchcraft was “born by the hands of the ancient gods of Blues and Doom, living through the occult ways of music.” The occult influence is definitely strong with this one.

9Electric Wizard

When I first heard Electric Wizard, I was convinced that I was listening to a long-lost Black Sabbath album. By the same token, in the doom metal scene Electric Wizard is often imitated but never duplicated. These guys and gals have been in the game since 1993.

8Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

I am not going to lie- what drove me to this band initially was their awesome name. But when Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats‘ fuzzy and occult influenced guitars hit my ears, I was in another world. Formed in 2009 in England, the band focuses on recreating the sound of the late 1960’s when heavy metal was first starting to hit the scene. Give these guys a spin if you want to relive the Summer of Love and the Manson Family murders.


I had the pleasure of seeing Purson in concert live when they opened for Ghost in 2015. When they took the stage, they proceeded to blow us away, not only with their sound but also with their look. I literally felt like I had stepped into a time machine and was transported back to the 1960’s. The band hails from England and boasts song titles such as “Tragic Catastrophe,” “Maverick and Mystics,” “Spiderwood Farm” and “The Contract.”


Lets go from subdued occult and evil and jump into it with 2 feet with Orchid. Taking their name after a Black Sabbath song, these California bad boys began terrorizing the scene in 2007. Give these doom occult rockers your attention, I definitely see bigger things in their future.

5Mountain Witch

Again another album cover that sucked me in, and I thank our Dark Overlord it did. The doom occult scene consists of a lot of bands that contain either “Witch” or “Mountain” in the title, Mountain Witch just made it their own. Definitely check out the band’s album Burning Village.

4The Necromancers

I have just recently found out about The Necromancers. Once again, I was impressed by the album cover and the name, so I gave it a listen. It did not disappoint! By the time I was done, I was trying to go out and join a coven. This band from France are trying to find their place in the doom occult scene. But if their first record is any indication, I think they will be just fine in the long run.

3The Oath

Fronted by a female singer and guitarist, the haunting vocals during occult-laced songs about the Devil make listening even more unsettling. The Oath is good, damn good. Check them out below and surely you can agree with me.


Alastor is like Damien. While they might not be the most visible group, they are always present and planning some kind of nefarious plot. They have been on the scene since 2016 with one full length album release and EP titled Blood on Satan’s Claw, which was released appropriately on Halloween. With the obvious horror and occult themes in their name and song titles, I would not pass these guys up for anything. Check them out below and then let me know if you need new ear drums. Just for fun, I am going to give you two songs- one original and one cover. And without further ado….


This was a hard one. The coveted number one spot. I have to give it to these boys from Texas. With two albums under their belt, both of which are equally amazing, Duel seriously needs some more love and exposure! They launch a sonic rocket that hits you straight in the face and doesn’t let up. I wish they would tour closer to Ohio so I could be blessed in their unholy sound waves. I will also provide two tracks to peruse at your leisure. Sooner rather than later preferably.

Honorable Mention:

Laser Dracul

I love the name, song and video. In fact, that’s all that needs to be said about Laser Dracul.

So there you have it, folks. Check out some of these bands and tell us what you think. Ultimately, I could have made this list a lot longer but I tried to include some of the essentials to get you started. Until next time, malicious wishes my friends.

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