Two seasons into Netflix’s Stranger Things, we’re nearly ready to proclaim it as the greatest show of all time- and we’re not alone. The series has remained prominent within pop culture since it was released in 2016, and its fandom has grown significantly following season 2 (especially for television’s greatest mom, Steve Harrington). With Christmas just around the corner, show merchandise is bound to be a hot commodity for fans of the series, and we have the perfect gift idea.

Cody Rose, an artist from Knoxville, Tennessee, has taken drawing to a whole new level with his recent Stranger Things work. Not only can it be admired on his Instagram account, but it, and other tremendous pieces of art, are available for purchase in his Shopify store. Check out the time lapse videos and stills of his work below!

Finished Lucas #StrangerThings

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First part of Mad Max #StrangerThings

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“The inspiration mostly came from the creepy black-eyes motif I’ve been recently working on coinciding with the mood of the show,” Cody said when we asked what inspired him to take on the Stranger Things characters. “This is the first time I’ve really delved into the “fan art” world. It’s always felt very trite when I’ve considered it in the past, but the dark, supernatural vibe of Stranger Things and all of its unique characters mixed with the uncanniness of solid black eyes with pinpoint reflections and the scratchy surface textures just seemed to fit.”

When asked if he has plans to create more fan art, Cody replied, “I do have a few new series planned. I’ve drawn each of the kids of Stranger Things, so I’ll be doing the teen and adult characters to finish it off. A series of non-fan-art figurative work is my next big focus and there’s a possibility of some throwback horror character portraits thrown into the mix.”

We’re certainly looking forward to both series that Cody has planned. If you’re not already floating to his Instagram or shop (linked above), wait until you check out this Pennywise piece:

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