Chance Raspberry, an Emmy-Award Winning animator for The Simpsons, is bringing us a new animated series titled Little Billy that brings all the ’80s nostalgia. Raspberry, who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as a child, is focusing the series on life with a neurodiversity. This is a first of its kind cartoon and is sure to bring the laughs, along with the feels.

To help create Little Billy, as well as raise funds for Tourette Association of America, Raspberry has launched a crowdfunding campaign. In addition to getting an awesome series and helping a good cause, there are some pretty amazing perks for those who contribute. They include getting an opportunity to spend one hour of one-on-one time with Chance Raspberry for an animation lesson and an original production drawing from One Crazy Summer, signed by Bill Kopp.

Raspberry will soon release a new perk as well– signed, exclusive, crew-only Simpsons Treehouse of Horror posters! An absolute must-have for fans!

To find out more about Little Billy and the campaign, visit the page here!

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