I recently had an opportunity to check out an off the wall, completely improvised mockumentary titled Bed Eater. The film features a cast of improv actors from the Austin, Texas area and was written and directed by Marissa Macy and co-written by Jack Douglas and Amy Wolf. The film follows a food blogger (Marissa Macy) who goes by the name Bed Eater as she is photographed while, you guessed it, eating in bed.

Synopsis: Bed Eater is perhaps the most visionary food and lifestyle blogger of our time. But seeking fulfillment beyond her online persona, she decides to suspend her weekly blog. Filmmaker Daniel Day O’Connor documents the making of Bed Eater’s final post, hoping to make a masterpiece of his own along the way. Egos clash. Feelings flourish. Food is eaten. Beds are laid in. Blogging history is made.

I love projects such as this- unscripted and in the moment. It showcases raw indie talent as the actors are forced to react and speak on the spot, as well as stretching a minimal budget to make an hour long film. Highlights of the film include seeing Bed Eater’s behind-the-scenes photo shoots, which get more and more insane as they go. You can check out the photos from photographer Amy Wolf on Instagram here.

The full film is below, so grab something to eat, relax in bed and give it a watch!

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