In true horror movie fashion, CBS is bringing Big Brother back for a celebrity edition and a milestone season next summer. The 20th installment of the reality train wreck will occupy a prime-time hour that would be better suited for pretty much anything else. Twenty seasons! This show just will not die. Sadly, it appears to be as strong as ever and just keeps coming back. It’s the Twilight of television…and just as difficult to watch.

Don’t fret, though. Believe it or not, Big Brother is not totally worthless. The U.K. version of the ridiculous last man standing game show about a group of twenty somethings occupying a house under the watchful eye of the audience gave us one fantastic mini-series back in 2008- Dead Set.  The horror comedy originally aired over five nights on E4.

The premise is one of the most original you will ever find in horror. While the cast and crew are focused on the Big Brother eviction night, riots from an apparent zombie outbreak dominate the news feeds. Those involved with the show are more concerned about whether the network will bump them for news than what is happening throughout England. As the outside world begins to fall apart and the crew starts to realize what is happening, the cast remains blissfully ignorant inside the house.

The Dead Set cast puts in fun performances, replicating the silliness inside the house and the craziness in the control room. Davina McCall, the show’s real-life host for much of its run, has a guest appearance as the Big Brother master of ceremonies. Executive producer, Patrick (Andy Nyman) is sleazy, disgusting and repulsive; everything you are looking for in a reality show producer.

Dead Set is a fun, gory mini-series that offers an original spin on the zombie genre and doesn’t take itself too seriously. With entertaining characters (some likable and a few annoying ones), you may even have a desire to occasionally root for the zombies. Besides, wouldn’t we all love to see a reality contestant eaten by zombies sometime?

Dead Set is available on Netflix and on-demand via E4’s website.

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