Dear Fox Television,

The American broadcast networks seem to have all but given up on trying to appeal to an intelligent audience. Like herpes, Big Brother never seems to go away and will return in 2018 on CBS for a 20th season. I am sure you will agree that analogy is only slightly inappropriate but the conversation is better suited for another time.

There is a bright spot on network television these days. Fox brought us two seasons of Jeremy Slater’s The Exorcist, a cleverly written show that stays in line with William Peter Blatty’s original story without re-telling. However, the ratings have not been all that great by broadcasting standards and there is a lot of speculation that Disney’s latest acquisition may cancel this amazing series. But there are at least three solid reasons to renew this show:


It’s the best storytelling on television!

Fox has already proven it can air a horror drama as good or better than the stuff on cable. The overall product is stellar. The visual effects and make-up are fantastic. The atmosphere is actually scary, especially for broadcast television. Ben Daniels, Alfonso Hererra and the recurring cast carry the show. Appearances by Geena Davis and Sharon Gless in season one and John Cho and Alicia Witt in season two make it that much better.

Don’t judge our interest by ratings alone.

The Nielsen ratings system may be flawed but we are stuck with it until someone comes up with something better and more accurate. There is no sense in fighting that battle right now but one family representing hundreds of thousands of people can be a little misleading; @TheExorcistFOX has over 35,000 followers on Twitter. How many of them are Nielsen families? Who knows? Besides, what do you expect when you banish a show to the Friday night television graveyard? At the very least, a move to a better night would give it a chance at better numbers. You saved Family Guy and it paid off. Now save The Exorcist.

Many of us hate reality shows and sit-coms that permeate the other networks.

Fox gave us thrillers in 24, Millennium and The X-Files. This is your chance to be daring again. There is an audience for intelligent horror, too. It and Get Out were two of the most successful movies of the year, not to mention the success of horror programming on cable. There is an audience out there for programming that does not involve staged reality competitions, lame jokes and an obnoxious laugh track.

The show has a fan base, the producers have indicated a desire to keep it going and most importantly, it is a quality series. You have stood by others, please stand by this one.

To support this effort, start following @TheExorcistFOX on Twitter and like “The Exorcist Fox” on Facebook. Let the network know there is an audience for horror. #RenewTheExorcist

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