The Walking Dead has been renewed for a ninth season by AMC, but there’s a catch: Scott M. Gimple will no longer serve as the series showrunner. Gimple took over showrunning duties way back in the fourth season, and though there have been several highlights since then, he’s been widely met with much criticism for the direction of the show, which includes the decision to kill off an iconic character this season– ignoring the story arc of their comic counterpart.

But don’t celebrate too hard.

Gimple haters will be dismayed to know that, rather than being let go, he’s actually receiving a promotion. No longer is he the showrunner of The Walking Dead, but he’s now the Chief Content Officer for the entire Walking Dead universe, including Fear the Walking Dead and any future spinoffs.

walking dead
Scott M. Gimple (Credit: AMC)

Taking over for Gimple will be Angela Kang, a writer who has been with the series since 2011. Speaking about her new role with the series, Kang said:

“I am beyond thrilled to be stepping into this new role with ‘The Walking Dead.’ Working on this series and having the opportunity to adapt Robert Kirkman’s amazing comic has been a fangirl dream come true for me. I’m excited to continue working with Scott and the wonderfully supportive folks at AMC, and can’t wait to share the next chapter of the story with our fans next fall.”

In regard to his own involvement with the series, Gimple commented:

“‘The Walking Dead’ is a special show which started in an entirely different era of TV, and continues, in this new era, to confidently take chances to tell compelling stories that excite audiences and make them deeply connect with its characters, adapting Robert Kirkman’s brilliant comic book. As the show closes in on its tenth year, I’m honored to keep working with the talented, dedicated people behind and in front of the camera to make it all it can be, while expanding the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ with new narratives like ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and a whole host of truly cool stories ahead. Angela is a big part of the heart and soul of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I’m thrilled to help facilitate her vision of the show’s next era.”

Are you excited for the behind-the-scenes shakeup? How do you feel about Scott M. Gimple’s new role? Sound off in the comments and on social media!

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