It’s safe to say that despite trying its very best not to, Hollywood has all but obliterated the Alien movie franchise. Fortunately though, the same cannot be said of the video game franchise, which is very much alive and kicking, thanks in no small part to the good folks over at FoxNet Games. The company has just announced plans for an all-new first-person shooter set in the movie universe.

It’s been four long years since Alien: Isolation, the intense, survival horror video game, last made me…I mean all of us…shit our pants, and now it seems those dreaded Xenomorph bastards are back. Exactly how the game will play out remains to be seen, as FoxNet is keeping schtum on any plot points, but considering how Alien: Isolation felt very much like a natural successor to Alien, we’d like to think this new game will be a balls to the wall, all action spin on James Cameron’s 1986 sequel, Aliens.

FoxNet will be developing the new game alongside Cold Iron Studios, the Bay area developer that has had a hand in awesome titles such as BioShock Infinite, Doom, Borderlands, and Metroid Prime 3. A spokesperson for Cold Iron Studios has promised that the new game will “explore areas of the universe that fans haven’t gotten to experience,” and will keep the titular beasties as the primary focus. Good news for anyone concerned that it was “Game over, man” for our chest bursting little chums.


Elsewhere, fans of the movie franchise continue to hold their breath, as Disney mulls over there options since buying out the franchises home studio. Whether or not we’ll ever get to see an Alien movie under the banner of the House of Mouse is anybody’s guess, but if we do can we please get to see Ellen Ripley kicking ass as the groups toughest new Princess?

We will keep you updated as more details emerge.

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