Life finds a way to make us happy from time to time, and the team over at Funko have insured that glee with the announcement that Jurassic Park Pop! vinyl figures are on their way in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary.

This series of Pop! will feature multiple human characters, including Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, and Dennis Nedry (with Ellie Sattler also coming soon), as well as the dinosaurs that we love, fear, and are in constant awe of.

jurassic park

jurassic park

Also keep an eye out for exclusives, such as the wounded Dr. Malcolm, which will be available at Target.

And the Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus two-pack, which is available through Entertainment Earth.

The figures will be hitting stores in February ahead of the film’s June anniversary. Purchase them while you can or else I may buy them all.

Head over here to see each of the figures in all of their glory!

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