Famed WWE superstar and invisible man John Cena has followed in the footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in recent years, as he’s begun to branch out into the movie industry more and more frequently. When he’s not laying “your ass down for the three second tan,” Cena can be seen(?) in Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home and its sequel, and the widely acclaimed war-thriller The Wall. Recently, it was announced that Cena has also joined the Transformers franchise as the lead actor for the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff- and now it appears that the actor will be exploring more territory in the action-geek realm as the titular character in Paramount’s Duke Nukem movie.

duke nukem
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Nukem, who first appears in the 1991 video game from Apogee Software, is a muscular man who wears Ray-Bans over his eyes and a flat top on his dome. He can be found chomping on cigars and defending Earth from aliens with his brute strength and firearm expertise. The character has appeared in 19 video games since his debut, so it was inevitable that he’d eventually find his way to the big screen.

The role of Duke Nukem seems tailor-made for Cena, so we’re thrilled by the news that he’s currently in negotiations to star in the film, which is coming from the Paramount-based Platinum Dunes. There’s not yet a writer or director attached to the project, but you can expect to find John Cena stormin’ on alien chumps like thunder and lightning within the next couple of years.

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