We’re still more than two weeks away from the wide release of Black Panther, and seven days from the review embargo being lifted so that we can read full thoughts on the film. Marvel and Disney didn’t enforce a social media embargo however, so the first wave of reactions from the premiere are hitting the internet today- and it seems that Ryan Coogler may have just made the greatest film in the MCU.

Critics, celebrities, and fans lucky enough to see the movie last night have taken to Twitter, praising the film for its stance on race and politics, emotional resonance, female characters, action sequences, and villain, who is being called Marvel’s best. A strong Michael B. Jordan performance isn’t surprising, considering that he’s made two phenomenal films with Ryan Coogler already (Fruitvale Station, Creed), but the actor appears to have exceeded all expectations as Killmonger, as you’ll soon see.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Black Panther:


Black Panther hits theaters everywhere on February 16th, and from the sound of it, we all better have our asses in a seat.

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