Mary Harron is making a Charles Manson film, and the world just suddenly makes sense. The movie, titled Charlie Says, will reunite Harron and her American Psycho writing partner Guinevere Turner, to tell the story of three women who were sentenced to death for their role in the Manson Murders and the changes they faced when that sentence was reduced to life in prison.

Per THR, Charlie Says will star Suki Waterhouse of The Bad Batch; Carla Gugino, who turned in one of 2017’s greatest performances in Gerald’s Game; Hannah Murray of HBO’s Game of Thrones; and Odessa Young of last year’s Jon Bernthal-starring Sweet Virginia. Joining the actresses in the film is Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame, who will be tackling the role of cult-leader Charles Manson (One of many actors who will be doing this in the immediate future). The role is far outside of what we’d expect from the Eleventh Doctor, but we’re damn intrigued by the casting.

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Speaking with THR, director Mary Harron stated that, “Guinevere Turner’s script brings a fresh and unique perspective to the infamous story of the Manson murders and we have now found the perfect cast to bring it to life.”

We may not get those reservations at Dorsia, but you better believe we’ll be catching Charlie Says ASAP.

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