Now in its 9th year, Women in Horror Month, founded by Hannah Forman, is a movement that is dedicated to showcasing, promoting and honoring women in horror throughout the month of February. Canadian filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska (Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Hellevator, American Mary) continue to be huge supporters of women in film and have launched the MASSIVE Blood Drive in conjunction with WiHM to encourage more and more people to donate blood and save lives. They have graciously utilized their platform to spread awareness and to join with other filmmakers to create PSAs to let the world know just how crucial the need is for blood donation.

Jen Soska stated, ”When Women In Horror Month started 9 years ago I never wanted to make women seem like a charity case. We deserve equality and recognition, but we don’t need or want any hand outs. That got us to thinking where is there a need being unfulfilled? We’ve long spoken about hosting a world wide blood drive as you can’t think horror without thinking blood, though no one to my knowledge had previously brought the two together.

When WiHM Founder Hannah Forman came to us with her concept we felt this was the right time and place to make this happen. Most people do not donate simply out of fear so it’s our desire to make donating blood cool. To see it in a different light and for what it truly is. Saving lives. There is no substitute for blood. It’s either we are donating to care for one another or there just isn’t blood available. As the amount of veterans who used to donate as part of their civic duty decreases, we need new donors to pick up the slack. It’s up to us.”

2018 helmed the largest MASSIVE Blood Drive yet, as Jen and Sylvia reached out to 30 filmmakers from around the world and invited each of them to create a PSA. The only two rules were to incorporate blood and the theme of “Be a Hero.” Each night at midnight during the month of February, the Twisted Twins are dropping a new PSA on their YouTube channel, which you can view and subscribe to here.

WiHM 2018 officially kicked off with Above the Line Artistry’s very own Vanessa Ionta Wright’s epic superhero PSA, BE A HERO. Each day, the public is being treated to the amazing work of filmmakers Angela Nolan, Michelle Romano, Brandon Slagle, Stephanie Michelle, Aislìnn Nì Chlèirigh, Vicky Ella Bagley, Dayna Noffke, Andrew Hass, Kynda Laufmann, Samantha Hawkins, Kimberly Pipkin, Aleah Ansett, Izzy Lee, Mark Miller, Christian Francis, Nicholas Burman-Vince, Jamie DeWolf, Joe Magna, Marilyn Thomas, Stitch Mays, Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan, Bryan Sexton, Damon Rickard, Ama Lea, Aramis Sartorio, Maude Michaud, Atropa Films, Mary Rangel, Tonjia Atomic, Mi Chelle Nessk, Hannah Forman, Paddy Murphy, Lex Lybrand and The Soska Sisters.

Look for a new WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA every day, with the last one appearing on March 1st. For more on Women in Horror Month, check out the official site here.

*DISCLAIMER: WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSAs are independently produced and not subject to MPAA or any other ratings systems. Material may contain strong violence, explicit language, gore and be sensitive to some viewers. viewer discretion is advised for anyone under the age of 18.

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