Remember a few months ago when it was reported that Martin Scorsese might be producing a standalone Joker origin film that’s set to be directed by the guy that made the Hangover movies? Everyone was up in arms, slugging it out over whether it’s a valuable idea or not, and perhaps even more-so, arguing over the confusing path that DC and Warner Bros. are creating. If nothing else, the idea of a Mr. J origin story seemed wildly unnecessary- but with Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play the iconic villain, it certainly has our attention.

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Per Variety, Phoenix, who is frequently regarded as one of our greatest living actors, has entered discussions to take on the role of Joker- though the deal is far from done. When Phoenix last pursued a film within the superhero genre (He was nearly Doctor Strange), he ultimately backed out of the project due to concerns about the extensive press requirements that come along with it.

If it does work out, however, Joaquin Phoenix will be the latest in a long line of prestigious actors to take on the role- following Jared Leto, Heath Ledger (Who won a posthumous Oscar for his role in The Dark Knight), and Jack Nicholson.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the first actor approached for the role, but that Joker casting just wasn’t in the cards. So will it be Phoenix taking the lead of the 80’s-set gritty crime drama? We’ll keep you updated.

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