“Oh hi, Bruce.”

Though it’s highly unlikely to happen (See: Impossible), Tommy Wiseau has taken to social media to express his interest in playing Batman’s iconic arch-nemesis, the Joker. We previously reported that Joaquin Phoenix is currently in talks to play the character, and though we’ve already voiced our approval for that decision, Wiseau’s take on the villain would obviously be a thing of beauty. Here are three reasons why the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau should absolutely be cast in the role.

tommy wiseau

The unpredictability

There’s a reason why James Franco blocked Wiseau from grabbing the microphone at the Golden Globes, and that’s because nobody ever knows what Tommy Wiseau is going to do or say. He’s an odd guy, and as documented in The Disaster Artist (novel and film), he stirs up quite a bit of chaos. I’m not even kidding when I ask, what more could you possibly want from the Joker?

The story

After being told that he’d never make it as an actor in Hollywood, Wiseau was responsible, almost singularly, for one of the worst movies ever made (Though some, including myself, consider it to be just delightful). The actor/filmmaker’s redemption has been brought to life by the success of 2017’s The Disaster Artist, and what better way to come full circle than to get a shot at playing one of cinema’s most iconic villains? Not even Hollywood could write an ending that great.

The Room

There’s no greater reason to hand the role over to Wiseau than The Room. The panned masterpiece of late-night cinema is one of the most entertaining films ever created, and if the failure that found success is incorporated into a Joker film in any way, it most certainly would make for an unforgettable experience- if only for the use of “You’re just a chicken! Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep” when baiting Batman into a scuffle (Which would properly end with a “Don’t touch me, motherfucker.”)

Basically, it’s time to forget about Joaquin Phoenix. Nothing but respect for MY Joker.

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