The gods of cinema are fast at work, a fact that was proven by THR’s casting report earlier today. Kung Fury, David Sandberg’s 80’s-inspired short film, is an unrivaled slice of joyous action cheese. So, with a feature film in the works, who better to add to the fold than Arnold Schwarzenegger, the king of action himself?

Arnie joins the growing cast of Sandberg’s action-comedy as the United States president, and will be acting alongside Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff, who have already accepted roles in the film.

In the original Kung Fury, the titular character (Played by David Sandberg) became a martial arts master after being struck by lightening and bitten by a cobra while subduing a bad guy in an alley. When karate-obsessed Adolf Hitler appears in 80’s Miami, Fury must travel back in time to Nazi Germany to defeat the killer and stop him from time traveling.

The feature film, which will shoot in the U.S. and Europe this summer, will be set in 1985 Miami. It will follow Fury and his Thundercops, the elite police force assembled from across history to defeat Kung Fuhrer, as they keep the city of Miami safe from Hitler himself. The tragic death of a Thundercop leads to a group separation, and a mysterious villain utilizes the opportunity to aid Hitler in his quest to attain the ultimate weapon. With villainous threats everywhere, Kung Fury must travel through space and time to save his friends, defend Miami Kung Fu Academy, and defeat evil.

Sandberg’s follow-up is assembling a prestigious cast so far, and the addition of Arnold Schwarzenegger is a thrilling announcement for 80’s action super-fans.

For more news on Kung Fury, stay tuned to Horror Geek Life. You can find our review of the short film- as well as the film itself- in the link below.

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