While we wait for the inevitable announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI, let’s revisit the one of the best sequels in The Elder Scrolls history, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This game is one of the greatest that I have ever played and want to praise this game and bring it to more people’s attention.

I was first introduced to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind when it was released on the Xbox back in 2002. The first time I played, it was completely overwhelming. This game does not hold your hand like most games of this generation. There’s no map markers or bread crumb trails leading you to your next objective. To reach the objective, I had to learn to look out for landmarks that were described by a NPC.

The combat was from the good old days of classic RPGs. You would swing your sword or shoot your arrow and even though it looks like you hit your target, you still had a chance of completely missing (all thanks to the behind the scenes dice rolls). It takes a lot of patience, especially in the early levels, to learn how to survive in this world. But once you build up your specific combat skills, it starts to become much easier and you will feel like a god amongst men.

There are many reasons why Morrowind is my favorite game of all time, so let’s take a look at few of them.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
The possibilities are endless!

One of the main reasons the game soars above the rest is the fact that it feels like a truly open world game. You can do whatever you like! Some of that has transferred over to Oblivion and Skyrim, but not to the extent that Morrowind reached. Right from the start you can go wherever you please, though be warned, the enemies do not level up with you. You may find yourself fighting an enemy that is way above your level and you will either have to come back when you are more prepared or be tactful on how you approach combat.

If you want to play a true villain, you can kill whomever you like. Even if they are tied to the main story. If you do so you will get a message saying the main story cannot be completed, but it won’t stop you from continuing being a nuisance to the realm! Hell, you can even kill the god Vivec if you so choose, though I wouldn’t recommend trying that until you are a much higher level!

Do you want to deck yourself out in a matching set of armor? You can! Do you want to wear a patchwork of different types of armors? You can! Unlike in Oblivion and Skyrim, where you can wear a chest piece, helmet, greaves, boots, and gauntlets/gloves, you get the option of wearing anything you want. If you choose, you can wear a different boot on each foot, different gloves on each hand, different shoulder plates on each shoulder, clothes under your armor, and you can easily mix and match between heavy, medium, and light armor.

The weapons that you can wield in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind stand out in a great way. Where you can only get the basic types of weapons in the later games such as swords, axes, bows, hammers, maces, and staves, the weapons in Morrowind are unique to most RPGs. You can wield all the weapons mentioned above, as well as katanas, tantos, spears, crossbows, wakizashis, throwing daggers, throwing stars, darts, and even unique weapons like the Daedric Crescent Blade. It leaves the door wide open on how you want to play.

The one spell I truly miss in the sequels after Morrowind was the levitation spell. You could cast this spell on yourself and literally walk over any obstacle that is blocking your path. There are even players who have used this spell to walk over the largest mountain in the game to fight the main boss without having to go through everything that is needed to reach him. Not only is levitation a fun spell to use but you can also craft all sorts of weird spells.

There is a combination of spells you can get early on in the game that, if combined correctly, you can permanently enchant yourself to be an unstoppable killing machine at level one. This is actually how I got used to the game when I almost gave up on it. I would cast this spell upon myself multiple times and just wander the world killing everything with a single hit. Yes, it’s cheating in a way, but it helped me to understand the mechanics of the game and encouraged me to restart the game and play fairly.

Even the summoning spells are much more diverse. You can conjure up any type of creature you wanted and, if you had enough magicka to do so, you could cast multiple summoned creatures to fight by your side. As I got further into the game, I could cast up to five different creatures to protect me.

The region of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is one of the strangest, most unique places I have ever explored in a video game. From the floating rock Baar Dau, also known as Ministry of Truth, to the huge mushroom trees big enough to house the Telvanni. Morrowind is a strange but beautiful sight to behold. The creatures are bizarre and alien. From the Kwama, which kind of resemble giant ants in the way that they behave, to the massive insect-like Silt Striders ,which are used as a form of transportation. The creatures of Morrowind are a strange sight that you won’t find in many other RPGs.

This game is one that I always go back to every couple of years for the reasons that I have mentioned above, plus many more. I have built multiple character types and played around in its massive world for hundreds of hours and never felt bored. Not to mention that there is even more to explore with the two massive expansions, “Blood Moon” (where being turned into a werewolf was introduced in The Elder Scrolls games) and “Tribunal.”

If this article has intrigued you, I implore you to give The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind a chance. It is a classic-style RPG that gives you plenty of options to play however you want. It is still available on Steam with both expansions for a cheap price, so I would highly recommend you purchase it if you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls and/or RPGs.

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