So you fancy yourself a bit of a know all when it comes to The Simpsons do you? You’ve seen all 784 seasons have you? Well then, there’s no way you’d have forgotten about any of the millions of characters that have come and gone over the years, right? Right? Well, we’re willing to bet you probably forgot about a few of them, but it’s okay because we’re here to remind you.

So without further ado, here’s our list of 8 characters from The Simpsons you totally forgot existed.


When Marge and Homer decide to go out on a date, they hire one Ms. Botz to keep an eye on Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Upon her arrival, she asserts herself as an unfriendly, child-hating douche bag with a hidden agenda. As the night progresses, it becomes clear to the Simpson kids that Ms. Botz is actually the notorious ‘Babysitter Bandit’, and she is intent on taking what little items of value the Simpson family has. Of course, no hardened criminal is a match for our favorite animated kinder, and she is quickly captured and piled into the bag of a cop car.

Lucille Botzcowski does return in later episodes, but only as a non-descript background character. After almost 30 years, surely it’s time for a return to her pilfering ways?

Fun Fact: Ms. Botz was voiced by Penny Marshall, who you may remember as Laverne in Laverne and Shirley.


Way back in the early days, the Simpsons family visited church quite often. And when they did, Bart and Lisa would be sent to Sunday School, where Bart would often terrorize the teacher, Ms. Albright.

Although she is somewhat of a background character, Ms. Albright has appeared on numerous occasions, though usually in crowd shots.

Fun Fact: Ms. Albright is also the owner of the local laundromat.


It’s strange to think that in 2018, most fans of The Simpsons have totally forgotten that the late Michael Jackson once guest starred in an episode. If you cast your minds back to September 1991, and the first episode of season 3, you’ll recall an episode in which Homer meets Leon Kompowsky after both are admitted to a mental institute. Kompowsky leads a naive Homer to believe that he is, in fact, The King of Pop, and so Homer invites him to the family home to meet his son – who just so happens to be a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson. When Bart finally meets his idol… well, let’s say disappointed doesn’t begin to sum it up.

The character only ever appeared once but is probably the biggest cameo in the history of network television – even if Jackson denied his involvement for a number of years after.

Fun Fact: Jackson actually approached Fox about appearing in the show, but insisted that one of his soundalikes be credited instead of himself. He also had an impersonator named Kipp Lennon perform all the singing duties in the episode, as a practical joke to fool his brothers.


The unfortunately named Mr. Testiclees is the butt of everyone’s jokes when he lands a job as a supply teacher at Springfield Elementary. But as long as no one finds out his first name, he’ll be able to make it through the day.

Fun Fact: Um, nope. We’ve got nothing. Although we did say butt, dick, and testiclees (sic) in the same slide. Winning!


What do Bart’s portable TV, Lisa’s saxophone, Marge’s pearl necklace, Skinner’s commemorative plate, and the world’s largest cubic zirconia have in common? They were all stolen by Springfield’s greatest cat burglar, and local OAP, Malloy.

Fun Fact: According to Grampa Simpson, Molloy wore sneakers, for sneaking.


Originally founded as The Stonecutters, the Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers was founded after Homer inexplicably found himself as the exalted leader of the Stonecutter group. After existing for centuries without incident, the inclusion of Springfield’s dumbest man was enough to cause the society to implode, disband, and reform as an exclusive group that Homer J. Simpson simply could not join.

Fun Fact: Members of the No Homers include Grampa Simpson, Disco Stu, and an Alien named Number 51.


Don Brodka – “That’s right, Don Brodka” – is the security guard at Springfield’s Try-N-Save. He’s a real bad ass, with his Marine Corps tattoo and smokers growl, he’s also the man who catches Bart in the act of shoplifting a copy of must-have video game Bonestorm.

When he’s not criminalizing children, Brodka likes nothing more than to chow down on packets of crackers and cheese, which is probably exactly what it says on his online dating profile.

Fun Fact: Brodka is voiced by Lawrence Tierney, who most of you will remember from the film Reservoir Dogs.


Herb Powell is the half-brother of Homer Simpson, though not that you’ll probably remember. Herb first appeared way back in episode 28, after Grampa reveals his existence to Homer, during an involuntary confession following a medical hitch. Herb is just like Homer to look at, but that’s where the similarities stop. Unlike Homer, Herb is a success, running his own profitable car manufacturers. In fact, he is the epitome of the self-made man. That is until he allows Homer to design him the next big car for the so-called ‘everyman’, and it costs him everything he has.

Unky Herb, as Bart and Lisa named him, would return for a second episode but that’s the last we saw of him on TV, and as far as we can recall he’s never even been mentioned since except for a voice-only appearance in season 24.

Fun Fact: Homer’s car appears in the video game Simpson’s Hit and Run. Herb does not.

Which other characters have we all forgotten about? Remind us in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out all of our other The Simpsons articles here on the site.

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