Zombie games are certainly nothing new, but there’s something about Days Gone which separates it from the others. The PS4-exclusive title from Sony lets players control bounty hunter Deacon St. John in a world ravaged by the undead. Its beautiful graphics and open-ended gameplay have made it one of the most anticipated games for the console, but, unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a while longer to jump in.

According to TSSGaming, Sony has officially delayed Days Gone until at least 2019. If you’re keeping track, we’re only three months into 2018, meaning we will have a long and painful wait before we can explore what this game has to offer. Previously, Sony had promised a 2018 release, though no official date had ever been locked down.

I can hardly keep track of all the zombie games that come out, because it’s admittedly an oversaturated market. The sandbox style offered by Days Gone has my interest piqued, however. Ultimately, all we can do is let the anticipation grow, but you can count on me keeping my eyes peeled for all updates.

Check out the trailer for Days Gone from last year’s E3 below to get a small taste of what you can expect from the final game.


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