The highly anticipated documentary Demon House from paranormal investigator and host of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, is being released on VOD and Digital on March 16, 2018. Coincidentally, I have experience with paranormal investigations and things that can’t be explained. There is a warning at the beginning of the documentary stating ‘View at your own risk,’ and regardless of my beliefs or the authenticity of this case, I had an overwhelming urge to sleep with the lights on after viewing this film.

demon house

Whether or not you believe in demons, this is a compelling documentary that begins with Zak Bagans recounting a horrifying dream he had in which he is confronted by a sinister goat man. Zak doesn’t share the details of his dream with anyone, but later in the film, other people describe chilling confrontations with a similar creature. Shortly after having the dream, Zak learned about a home in Indiana where a family alleged they had been the victims of demonic possession. The family fled the house and Zak purchased it in 2014, sight unseen. Psychics claimed the house contained 200 demons and several exorcisms were performed, but unexplained activity continued for anyone who had been inside the house.

I respect the fact that Zak devoted a portion of the film to trying to debunk the claims of paranormal activity and I also think it adds some credibility to the story, and what he uncovers during his investigation is positively unnerving. Through fascinating interviews with people affected by the house, including a girl who became suicidal and had an exorcism performed on her, this film is undeniably thought provoking. During filming, a member of the crew begins exhibiting strange behavior and appears to be interacting with an unseen entity, and the footage of this encounter is some genuinely scary shit.

Demon House

The documentary concludes with Zak spending the night locked inside the house in the dark, and the last 20 minutes of the film are absolutely edge-of-your-seat terrifying. Whether or not you believe that this account of demonic possession is true, Demon House still makes for one hell of a horror film. I watch a lot of horror movies and don’t scare easily, but I found this film to be disturbing to the point that it bothered me for days. I recommend that you check out Demon House on March 16th and decide for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about needing to sleep with the lights on.

Demon House (2018)
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