Nicolas Cage knows what’s up. The Mom and Dad actor spoke with NME and discussed his latest film, getting psyched up for intense scenes, having a crush on Miss Piggy, and his favorite horror films.

In the interview, Cage speaks of his love for the Hammer horror movies that he grew up with, his distaste for torture films and gratuitous slashers on account of them nauseating him, and the modern horror films that he most admires.

“I do think there have been a couple of very creative horror films recently,” the actor suggested, going on to name The Babadook, It Follows, and The Witch. “I do think you see a lot of imagination and a lot of talent in the construction of those films.”

All three of those films have been divisive among the horror community, being labeled pieces of cinematic crap just as often as they’re hailed as masterpieces. For the record, they *are* masterpieces.

nicolas cage
Nic Cage in ‘Mom and Dad’

Cage also mentioned Ringu, the Japanese horror film that American remake The Ring was based on. “Certainly the Japanese have always had a great style with ghost stories. I thought that the Ringu movie was far and away one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. Certainly better than the American movie.”

For the record, the remake is pretty good too. Just stay away from the sequels.

What we really need to talk about, though, is Nicolas Cage’s opinion on The Exorcist. I’m willing to argue in favor of Willaim Friedkin‘s 1973 classic being the scariest movie ever made for the rest of my life. You know those “Change my mind” memes that are all over the internet right now? That’s literally me on the subject. It’s become a popular trend for horror fans to bash the film and deem it overrated, and while they’re entitled to that opinion, it’s nice to know that the LEGENDARY Nic Cage knows the truth about the possession film.

When NME asked Cage what the scariest movie ever made is, the actor didn’t hesitate in laying down the law. “There have been many but I think that The Exorcist really took it to a whole new level. I think the final exorcism scene in that movie I would say would be the scariest film in cinema history.”

So there you have it. The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made because Nic Cage says so. All arguments are now invalid.

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