We were excited to learn about the new serial killer web series Image Killer, which is currently in the works from executive producers Christopher Giroux (​The HereticsBite) and Michael A. Marino, a Toronto talent manager and producer, as well as creators James Young, Nik Benn, and Michael Davison.

The project is currently seeking funding from the Independent Production Fund (IPF) and it tells the stories of several social media personalities in the hours leading up to their murders by a serial killer known only as “I.K.” or “Image Killer.” The web series has been described as a combination of the satirical slasher Scream Queens and The Coen Brothers series Fargo. During a Facebook live stream, creator James Young said, “It’s an offbeat, satirical take on the horror and thriller genres. It’s sarcastic, it’s irreverent and I think that describes it pretty well.”

Image Killer

This is the first time that the Spiderclown founders are working with Christopher Giroux, of Black Fawn Films, as an executive producer, but feel like they’ve assembled the perfect team to bring this project to life. “Nik and James have a crazy cool concept,” writes Giroux on his Instagram account. “​Very honoured to be joining the team at Spiderclown Studios Inc. as an executive producer for their newest project. I’ve been a fan of the outstanding work this team has put together and pumped to be joining them for this wild ride!”

Image Killer

One of the most impressive things about the process of bringing the series Image Killer to life is that it has already gained a following on Instagram by posting teaser images with a horror twist. “To create each image, we ask ourselves ‘what would the Image Killer post on her personal account each day?’ And then we post that,” says Michael Davison, a co-writer and social media strategist for the team, best known for his record breaking work on the Indiegogo campaign for ​Code 8.

The plan for the project is to produce 12 unique episodes, most as individual short films, as well as 12 companion podcasts online for free. You can watch the teaser trailer below and learn more about the web series on their website and follow along on Instagram!

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