I have to say that my expectations were pretty low going into 4/20 Massacre. I did absolutely no homework on the film, wanting to go into this completely blind. And this is a prime example of why you shouldn’t judge a film by it’s title. I totally thought this was going to be an over the top horror/comedy, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Synopsis: A group of five women go camping in the woods to celebrate a friend’s birthday over 4/20 weekend. But when they cross the turf of an illegal marijuana grow operation, they must struggle to survive the living nightmare.

4/20 Massacre

4/20 Massacre did start off as a slow burn (pun intended), as the group ventured into the woods to begin their celebrations. Soon after a secondary plot point is revealed, which brings fourth the blood and carnage, as members of the group begin falling victim to a brutal assailant.

There are a few horror references, as well as “stoner” one liners that are hit or miss, but I’d have to say that would all depend on whether or not you’re smoking while watching. Other than the opening scene, this is a pretty solid film from director Dylan Reynolds with a great 3rd act twist.

The title may be targeted towards the stoner/horror crowd, but I feel it truly lies somewhere in between action and suspense due to several scenes that gave off a Kill Bill and Surviving the Game vibe.

Overall, I give 4/20 Massacre a 3/5 stars. The film is well shot with scenic/cinematic scenes that build the production value. There are several creative kills that are outside of the proverbial “film making” box paired with great performances from Jamie Bernadette, Vanessa Rose Parker, Stacey Danger and especially “Ranger Rick” Jim Storm.

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