If you enjoy stealth-based video games, you’re no doubt familiar with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Beginning with its original title in 2002, the franchise would become a massive success, spawning many, many sequels. The last game in the series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, was released in 2013.

Now, it looks like Splinter Cell hero Sam Fisher is back in action once again — but in a different game! In a new Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC teaser released earlier today by Ubisoft, a crossover featuring Fisher is heavily teased. Though obscured by darkness, those all-too-familiar green lights made famous by Fisher can be seen, confirming his inclusion in the DLC.

The video also features the voice of Michael Ironside, who played Fisher in every game in the series until being controversially replaced in Blacklist. Though we don’t really get a good look at him, we get to hear Fisher’s iconic voice responding to a transmission from Paladin, saying he has friends in the neighborhood and to “call the Ghosts.” Of course, as a teaser, this is just a small taste of what’s to come.

This is fantastic news for many different reasons. Hearing the voice of Ironside as Fisher once again is very satisfying for longtime fans. And maybe it’s not an all new Splinter Cell game with Ironside back in the role, but it’s going to be amazing to play as the real Sam Fisher once again.

According to Polygon, Ubisoft is set to reveal more information about this crossover DLC dubbed “The Call” on Monday, April 9th. For now, take a look at the official teaser below!

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