I’m sure many gamers can agree that while we all enjoy a wide variety of games, sometimes we just want to mindlessly shoot aliens. For those who’ve played the games, the Serious Sam franchise from Croteam has always been a great fix for that. As Sam Stone (also known as Serious Sam), gamers take on droves of extraterrestrial enemies sent by an evil overlord named Mental.

Beginning with Serious Sam: The First Encounter in 2001, the game would spawn many sequels, spin-offs, and HD re-releases over the years. However, this new game will be the first main entry in the series since 2011 when Serious Sam 3: BFE was released. Now, Croteam has confirmed the release of the next game, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, with an all new teaser trailer!

It’s needless to say that longtime fans of the series are going to be excited for this the most. But Planet Badass also looks to be somewhat of a fresh start for the series, so franchise newcomers should be able to jump right in without playing the previous games. Though nothing is confirmed, the trailer seems to suggest that this new game will have more of an open world set-up than previous games, which sounds pretty awesome!

According to IGN, Croteam will announce more info about the game at E3. For now, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam, and take a look at the teaser trailer below!


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